OFroYo now offers Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes, and Froyo Sandwiches so you can "take home your Happy Break"

We have ice cream cakes available for pickup on a daily basis - but we are happy to custom create any items for you. Most items can be made with just a few hours notice - but some may require extra time to ensure we can "deep freeze" your item so it is ready to take home. 

Cakes  (in our display freezer or custom order to your liking)

Cake can be made with either a white or chocolate cake base,  your choice of any two of our 18 current flavors, and your choice of middle and toppings. Available in 6 or 8 inch options.   Check out our OFroYo Ice Cream Cake page on Pinterest for more ideas of our custom creations: 

Popular favorites:  

Cookies and Cream:     Chocolate cake base, Birthday Cake or Cookies and Cream Froyo layer,  Fudge and Oreo Center and Chocolate Froyo on top!     

Salted Caramel Pretzel:  White cake base, Chocolate Froyo layer, caramel and pretzel center, White Chocolate Mousse or Vanilla Froyo on top.  More caramel and chocolate covered pretzels on top. 

Pies (custom order)

You can create your own special OFroYo pie -   Choose from an Oreo or Graham Crust, Select any of our 18 Flavors to fill your pie.   You have the option of Whipped Cream topping and up to 3 toppings of your choice. 

Cupcakes (custom order)

These are our favorite!    A layer of brownie on the bottom, FroYo and then topped with real frosting!     Custom order some made with your choice of FroYo center -  or pick up a 4 or 6 pack in our freezer. 

Ice Cream Sandwich (custom order)

Just like the old time sandwich you remember - but with a healthier filling!    Two chocolate chip cookies filled with FroYo then rolled in a variety of toppings.   Available in our freezer for pick up or we can create with your choice of FroYo center. 

Special Occasion -

Birthday, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Going Away Party.   We can decorate a special cake, pie, cupcakes or ice cream sandwiches for you. Talk to us about the options - we would love to make you a Happy Break!!

Pre-order today by calling 291-2555 or stopping in.


Take Home Your Happy Break