NEED A HAPPY BREAK? Create Your Own Unique Treat at OFroYo!

We offer a variety of healthy and indulgent treats to meet all your desires.  Our product includes real dairy, fresh milk, real fruit purees, and high counts of beneficial live yogurt cultures including probiotic. Choose from our wide selection of frozen yogurt options, or indulge with our rotating options of soft serve gelato, custard, ice creams and Italian ice. At OFroYo you create your custom dessert, not the person behind the counter! 

​At OFroYo you are in control. Want a lot of nuts…and two cherries on top? Go for it! Try a waffle bowl or even a waffle cone. Try one of our large selections of bottoms as a base for your creation.  It’s all up to you. 

​OFroYo offers over 50 different toppings (and bottomings) so you have nearly unlimited creative options for your custom creation. Can’t decide? Ask of our our crew for an OFroYo Original which are suggestions of some of our favorite combinations. 

​When you need a happy break OFroYo is here!


Open 7 days a week from

11am - 11pm